How we work
In collaboration with our partners, we administer fellowships and research grants that support the innovation and evaluation of new policy solutions, convene researchers and stakeholders to share evidence-based policy solutions and incubate new research agendas, produce online knowledge platforms and technical reports that catalog research-based policy solutions, and support mentoring programs that broaden problem-solving research opportunities.
Fellowships Convening Research Grants Knowledge Platforms/Reports Mentoring Programs

Our network
In our work we mobilize our extensive global network of over 50,000 researchers in the Council’s seven founding disciplinary associations, faculty and institutional leaders from member institutions in the College and University Fund for the Social Sciences, and our many funding partners.
From deep-dive reports to brief explainers on trending topics, we analyze complicated problems and generate innovative solutions.

We bring together leading experts in government, academia, and beyond to provide nonpartisan research and analysis on the most important issues in the world.

Brookings Policy Institute has been at the forefront of public policy, providing data and insights to inform critical decisions during some of the most important inflection points in recent history.